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  • Gustav Kovac

Comments of the Slovak Society for Laboratory Medicine ( SSLM ) to the EFLM Accreditation Proposal


Dear Elisabeth and Elvar,

sorry to be late. I was bothered last month with finalisation of “Laboratory Medicine” learning texts ( Elvar, Hans-Jörg and Ralf know what I am writing about ). Here are my considerations:


  • LEE proposal gives 6 credits per day, the SACCME ( EACCME ) directive gives 8 credits; LEE proposal contains Blooms taxonomy, the SACCME / EACCME directive does not quote this classification system

  • information, that UMES sets unacceptable conditions to EFLM is not good news

  • recent documents issued at national level ( Directive of the Slovak Ministry of Finances ) and international level ( Med Tech Code ) negatively influence the conditions for organizing scientific events - they limit the area for negotiations with sponsoring bodies


  • LEE proposal contains updated and practical informations: it is an excellent manual for organizing and categorizing scientific events

  • as we have to follow the national legislation ( which is EACCME ) asking EFLM accreditation at given situation rather complicates the organizing scientific events ( doubled administration and fees )


  • what is the reason for allowing only 6 credits per day instead of 8 credits ?

  • what is unacceptable for EFLM in the process of negotiations with UEMS ?


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